Manage Relationships with Your Star Customers Using These 7 Tips

Todd Martin

CRM solutions can be tremendous sales tools, but the old rules about customer relationships still apply – and still contribute to successful sales.

Todd Martin 062514 image 1Although I survived – and often thrived – as a salesperson before I started using CRM software, I can’t imagine going back to a bulging Rolodex and file folders and paper scheduler. I still spend my days chasing leads and talking to people and continuing to school myself about the myriad ways that people can benefit from using my company’s products and services.

My CRM solution does a lot of the heavy lifting now. I’m not as mired in tedious administrative details, and my workflow is much more economical. I’m more productive both in the office and on the road, thanks to mobile technology. And I’m able to make more – and better targeted – connections through email and social media.

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Source: Yodle's First Annual Small Business Sentiment Survey, Aug. 2013 )

If keeping and finding new customers is as big a concern to you as it is to SMB owners across the nation, perhaps a customer relationship management solution is just what your business needs.

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CRM is a tool that bridges the gap between a business entity and its customers. Leveraging a CRM tool such as the Selly CRM application (avaliable  for iPhone and iPad) can serve as a strategic advantage  for your business.

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So what exactly is this ‘CRM’ I keep hearing about?

You may be familiar with the acronym ‘CRM’, but do you know what it is and what it can do for your business?

Check out the article linked below to get a better understanding of the wonder that is CRM:

Demystifying CRM for the Mobile Direct Sales Masses

Demystifying CRM for the Mobile Direct Sales Masses

check out this linkedIn article on Selly CRM, your go-to mobile app optimized for small and independent businesses:

A1 Software Group’s Selly CRM has been designed exactly with the needs of the direct sales professional in mind by offering:

Powerful tools to manage customer lists and inventory from any iOS® device to meet your clients on their turfs
Integration with DropBox® accounts to backup and import contacts in addition to standard iCloud features
Handy product photo gallery
Ability to link the past products purchased by a client
Unified communications for connecting with clients and tracking opportunities
Availability in 9 languages
LinkedIn Integration (Coming Soon)


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